La La Land, and the blue filter of melancholia.

A young girl, Mia, aspiring to be an actress (Emma Stone), and a young musician, Sebastian, (Ryan Gosling), aspiring to be a jazz musician, met in Los Angeles. In the middle of the pursuit of their dreams, they fall in love. They share magical and difficult moments together. Will they make their dream in the city of stars?

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling at their best

Yes, this movie has won all these Oscars for one reason, and Emma Stone has really deserved it. Everyone says it and we do agree: they have an incredible chemistry acting together and their characters just take us very easily into the story. But Emma Stone really stands out on her role: she offers us all the in-depth than makes this movie, in our opinion; and the fragile balance between the hope of pursuing a dream and the pain of failing over and over again.

A musical of the modern era

Filmed in the same technology of the 50’s movie and all the Hollywood aesthetic reference to this era, La La Land is the musical of the modern times. Despite the critics to the musical moments (criticized as too long on the middle of the action), we think they are perfectly integrated into the action, and they really tell a part of the story themselves. And the soundtrack, composed by Justin Hurwitz is just too beautiful. We don’t have other way to say it. Indeed, is one of our favorite soundtracks ever, with the “Broadway” style Another Day of Sun or the emblematic City of Stars.

Life isn’t a fairytale

At a first glance, we could think La La Land is a modern fairytale. Even if the atmosphere can be very oniric and dreamy sometimes, there is always present a blue filter of melancholia. Some frames of the movie can make us feel the intense solitude that both characters could feel sometimes, and there are some raw moments – as Mia’s audition-, where this perfect mix between pain and dream really come together. In this entire out-of-reality atmosphere, we are always getting a reality-check, intercalated with some funny and delicious moments. You need to find a good balance to do that, and Damien Chazelle has made it beautifully.

Less is More

La La Land lives from aesthetics, the music, and the depth of characters, brought by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Finally, the script is a very simple story, but it shows us that less is more, and that details and moments can sometimes, tell the whole story.

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