Where do we go now? By Nadine Labaki

A small village in Lebanon is linked to the rest of the world only by a small bridge with the fields around full of mines. In this village, half of the population is catholic, and the other half is muslin. Despite the differences, the village is calm, until the day men begin a religious fight. The village begins to struggle with these issues, until the day women stick together, and have an idea to keep the village in peace.

Talking about religious war with humor

Nadine Labaki is an engaged Middle East film maker that manages to speak of political or religious issues from a particular point of view.Without skipping the drama this kind of issues represent, she talks about the subject with her particular way of doing humor. We have already seen that in her previous film, Caramel. In this film she shows her very own perception on Beirut, showing the city by the eye of women that work in a beauty salon.

Showing the day-by-day of the woman, she speaks about traditionalism and modernity in a middle-east city like Beirut, always in a very light way and with a lot of humor.

The power of women in the middle-east society

In this movie, as well as in Caramel, we cannot ignore the power women assume in the regulation of society. In a very subtle way, this movie is an activist gesture for the right of women in the middle-east. Along in this religious war that men start, is always women that can regulate all situations of tensions, and always in a very subtle way. Men cannot start fighting? We hire a group of Ukrainian dancers to entertain them. Things got worse, and they start fighting with guns? Woman drug their men with space cakes and steal their entire weapon while they sleep. In the end, christian women dress like muslin and vice versa, showing their men they will have to face them first before fighting.
With a beautiful photography, and raising very serious questions in a lightweight mode, this movie is a travel through the paradox of contemporary middle east and its beautiful landscapes.

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