Classical music in movies

Music is a powerful vehicle in movies that can create mood, emotions and also make scenes more significant and even change the entire meaning of the scene.

There was an experiment where music was laid over a shot of a man with a blank expression to show how various music changes what we observe the character to be thinking. The effect of how editing can affect how we perceive a person’s motives.

When a composer writes for a movie they often affect the movie more than one thinks because the music you compose for a scene could actually dramatically change what people observe in the scene.

A passionate conversation between two lovers could suddenly become dark and creeping as if someone is withholding a dark secret – perhaps the man is a murderer. To a degree, music can do this and play with your mind in such a way.

And oppositely happy stroll through a field could become epic or perhaps thoughtful or melancholy.

A scene with a man running could be fortunate and cheerful with some light music. Change the music for something vague and pulsing and suddenly the man could be running for an entirely different reason.

The other visible effects of music on movies are that music actually helps engrain scenes in our minds. Music and sound are already proven to help aid memory. We can recall all our beloved scenes when listening to the soundtrack.

It helps stretch in silence that might country music spotify promotion 2016 otherwise make the scene ambiguous or awkward – sometimes supporting what the characters are feeling and suggesting something we can’t see on screen.

Music can tell us further about the stories or characters. For example, a movie itself can’t foreshadow the coming scene but music certainly can – we all hear that classic horror-style crescendo.

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