Music development in last 100 years

The Industrial Revolution is named as much because it revolutionized every single industry, including music. Abruptly instruments could be mass bartered, and music distribution became quicker and simpler than ever.

We now live in the digital age. It is easier to  create,share, interact and produce music than it has ever been before, especially with international music festivals. But it’s also easier to wire, which means that sub-cultures develop more quickly. 200 years ago if a European wanted to hear what Indian music sounded like, they had had to take a six-month journey to India. A lot of the new genres we listen now are the product of the intersection of older genres, with sounds mixed from our new technology

I actually disagree with the people in this stuff who are maintaining it’s always been this blush. I’m not saying that we didn’t have a vast musical culture prior to the dawn of the 19th century, but the measure of music being produced and shared and the amount of communication between musical styles and the development of new musical styles has increased *exponentially* in the past century — that’s arithmetical fact.