The best places to sell soundracks

Thanks to the sound design, any VST (Virtual Studio Technology) could sound professional, doesn’t matter where exactly was it made. The hardest thing is to find the right sound. Sounds have to fit in the correct frequency ranges. First thing is to learn frequency ranges and know how to identify which ranges a particular sound lies in. Crop up an idea for a song is not too hard, arranging is easy more or less. Getting the right sounds and mixing it is the tough element.

There is no special place for selling movie soundtracks, producers discovering music on the same streaming platforms as the average listener, all the difference in music taste and preferences. Some time it takes so much time and effort to promote your music. We’ve put together 5 music platform that movie makers love most of all.


Beatport is an online music platform that stores discovery tools, and music in premium digital formats for DJs and club music devotees.


A service for artists and labels with long implementing history. Know as one of the grates places for selling music of all the times with hones rules and profitable for musicians schemes.


One of the biggest streaming music platforms. The number of listeners is enormous and a lot of musians tend to reach popularity on it, but it is some questions about how Spotify run sells policy and pay royalties to musicians.


Well-known among music junkies music place. For many years listeners from all over the world spending a lot of hours surfing music on it so it is a good place to claim your music.


Could be an alternative to Soundcloud. The service is not limit the number of uploads and streams and allows the artist to see analytics absolutely free.