How to submit music for a movie, TV or video game?

Do you want to pitch your music directly to new listeners and make a solid amount of money? how about getting your music featured in a TV show, movie, and video game.

To consider all these questions we prepared for this tutorial. Feel free to go ahead and discover more.

What is Sync Licensing

First of all, we need to understand what is music sync licensing and what for you need it. It is basically placing one of your compositions in a YouTube, TV show or in a video game and movie. For doing that, you get paid a synchronization fee upfront and royalties, depending on where and how frequently the track is played in public.

Adding a track on a popular TV show will also raise your plays on streaming platforms and become a prominent promotional tool. It’s tough out there in the big music world all alone, each artist needs professional promotion, isn’t it? Consider possible steps below.

Working with a publisher

Publisher will absolve you from boring administrative work and reach out needed contacts, but in the same way, will commit all the resp on himself you won’t be able to take your own decision.

If you are aware of some insights you can minimize the risks. Make sure you don’t sign a lifetime exclusivity deal, fix the agreement period.

Find a publisher that will arrange all licensing opportunities for you. Place your catalog in music libraries and benefit from the traffic these publishing platforms get. Stay on track and build relationships yourself, and try to license your music straight to customers.

Further, you can add your music to the music libraries or sell them on a different platforms, once you submit music on music libraries, you can receive passive income. But it is simple to lost in veraity of different music libraries and predict which one of them is more profitable.
Before submitting you can check a library’s monthly traffic SEMrush or Serpstat, that help to estimate big music libraries.

Building connections by yourself

And you can always try to build needed connections by yourself. and be on total control of how our business is going. Remember, DIY is more rewarding and require more efforts and time from you.

Well, you have to do some research and study the market. Discover popular TV shows, video games, fashion shows, retail stores. Think about the ganre and concept where your genre could be used.

The secret of any successful person is many hours of hard work and not taking serious dealing with troubles. Start from sending letters with your content to small companies in your field, and little by little you will understand what do they need.

Believe me, one day you will succeed!