Find out about 6 best EDM movie soundtracks

The 85th Oscars were held recently and this is the reason to consider best soundtracks from of latest award-winning movies. This is a broad topic and we definitely will come back to it soon. This time I want to speak about electronic music soundtracks. Let’s figure out some best examples.

I’m not focused on some expect genres of movie, just exploring the music. So it could be action, adventure, comedy or drama. Anyway, you’ll probably enjoy each because they are all amazing.

Midnight Express

Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack for the 1978 feature Midnight Express won an Academy Award for Best Original Score. The composer well-know through using synths in electronic music for the first time.

Tron: Legacy

An 85-piece orchestra, the powerful work of composer Wendy Carlos for about two years of tough job happened in Daft Punk’s last return to the EDM scene. The soundtrack was commended and has made an indelible mark on the EDM music history.


The Vampire Dance Club Theme is one of the extra memorable scenes highlighted a bloody vampire rave set to a 1995 remix of New Order’s “Confusion.” The track would cease being released at diverse raves over the country.

The Saint

Looking back to the late ’90s we can discover what is alternative music from the previous era with The Saint theme starring by Val Kilmer. The project emphasizes Moby, the Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Everything but the Girl, and all the stars from the ’90s that was replaced by electronic pop era.

Human Traffic

Human Traffic is announced as one of the high-grade films about rave culture and perceived as a tutorial of the most influenced insights from the electronic music scene. The two-disc set stars a Dillinja track beside ideas from William Orbit, Orbital, and Fat Boy Slim; the second one is mixed by Pete Tong.

The Jackal

Swallowed has a breeding selection comparing to similar soundtracks from the ’90s and for the whole are of electronic. While there wasn’t much in the way of exclusive material, Goldie got two features on here LTJ Bukem, Apollo440, Moby, a Chemical Brothers remix of The Charlatans, The Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, and Massive Attack.