Hip-hop is the voice of an entire generation: how this genre effects on American culture

In this article we are going to discuss the hip-hop music history, its extension into a global phenomenon, and how hip-hop reveals the ultimate social realities of urban culture globally.

Exploring hip-hop culture globally

Hip-hop is not just music. Also perceived as an integral part of the culture; it is a revolutionary tool of society; it is a protest against existing norms and rights. Initially, hip-hop was a way of expression for the black part of the population of the states. But over time, this musical genre has introduced and whites. It was music that united the people and instilled in them the power of opposition to authority and well-established principles. For decades, hip-hop was a platform for rappers who could express their opinions about society, government, and the treatment of African Americans in America.

This musical movement began in the late 80s, but it gained powerful strength and development in the 90s. And despite the presence of mats in the lyrics of hip-hop songs, this music symbolizes the national consciousness. Despite the popularity of hip-hop in America, in parallel, there is an opposing force that opposes hip-hop and the ideas that it incorporates. Hip-hop opponents convince that it is a subversive activity, aggression, profanity, vulgarity. Time is changing, but hip-hop remains part of the culture, and not only American, reflecting social changes, trends, and attitudes. Hip-hop is the answer of certain social strata to the existing conditions. The significant advantage of hip-hop is that many rappers feel part of a powerful movement that can change their lives; they finally feel more confident.

Also, notable was the emergence of racial tolerance and equality. Joint problems have brought people together; discrimination has gone into the background. Moreover, African-Americans’ talent for singing made them more self-confident; they were able to reveal themselves through music. Racial solidarity attained its peak in the fifties and sixties in the form of the African-American civil rights movement, in which blacks throughout the United States performed acts of private resistance, trying to produce political and social change.

‘The 90s Hip-Hop’

The story of hip-hop music

In the 90s with the development of hip-hop, street education began to develop. It became fashionable to be part of some gang. People with low socioeconomic status received street education. In their songs, they sang about real life, about what they saw on the streets, without embellishment and conjectures. Now hip-hop is different, like other times. This music evolves with society. The hip-hop of the 90s had both a negative impact and a positive one. On the one hand, it reflected the dissatisfied attitudes of certain strata of the masses, on the other – it had a positive effect on sociocultural norms.

Today, hip-hop has gone far beyond the United States, leaving a mark on all cultures. Hip-hop is still a way to express your true feelings and thoughts, the opportunity to share your opinions with society.

What is the phenomenon of hip-hop culture? Why has its popularity been growing for several decades in a row? Many experts and rappers agree on the same opinion: the main feature of hip-hop is the desire to show the truth. From the very beginning, the rappers did not chase after money. It’s not about commerce; it’s about life.  To imagine a world without hip-hop now is hard to do!

Interesting facts

  • Hence, there is an opinion that rap originates thousands of years ago from Africa. Then there were griots, village story-tellers who played on home-made wooden instruments and told about their life and observations.
  • It’s hard to say who was the very first rapper in the history of hip-hop music. But it is primitive to believe that this title belongs to Coke La Rock, who later teamed up with other hip-hop father DJ Kool Herc
  • Hip-hop is an underground city movement and music genre that originated in the Bronx in the 1970s. This genre became especially popular in the 80s, when technologies appeared that allowed creating songs not alive.
  • The word rap appeared a long time ago. The first mention of this word occurs in the 15th century in Great Britain. Then this word meant to strike. But a few centuries later, the word acquired a new knowledge – to speak.
  • Today rap is “a style of music in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over a prerecorded, typically electronic instrumental backing.
  • In the modern world, as in the hip-hop history, hip hop has penetrated other areas of life, such as sports, technology, and capitalism. But this is not all areas in which music has penetrated. Some American universities have prepared scientific studies on hip-hop and the language of rappers. The university even offers courses in hip-hop.

TOP-10 of the best Hip-Hop movies

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