About me : “Movies has always been a passion since I was a child.”

Movies has always been a passion since I was a child.


With a master degree in cinema studies at Frankfurt College, I now work in a European production company. I establish with cinema a win-win relationship between life and fiction. Cinema brings me another vision about life, the possibility of seeing other layers of reality that are often hidden. In our lives, with their regular train work-metro-home-repeat; cinema makes us see all the small things reality charges to hide from us. On the other side, cinema it’s built by our reality, but it goes far way beyond.

It all started with my eyes that could not go out of the classics my parents always watched on Sunday afternoon. After seeing the movie, we talked about movie characters, what we tough about it, and we made our own stories and sequels of the movies we have seen. In school all my writing exercises were about movies, and in high-school, I finally founded the cinema club. We organized movie projections every Thursday afternoon, with a cinema thematic party every month.
Now I want to share with you my passion for the cinema and help you have another point of view on the mainstream films, as well as make you know movies which are a little more underground. More than the story, and like in our lives, there is always an unconscious narrative (for us, not for the writer or for the director), to be discovered. This narrative is told by details, all this far beyond words. That’s the cinema dimension I invite you to discover. Your reality will never be the same.

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